Lafayette Oilmans Sporting Clays
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Lafayette Oilman's Sporting Clays Shoot Rules & Regulations


No one is allowed on the shooting course under the age of 18 years. Neither our committee nor the National Sporting Clays rules allow alcohol consumption for shooters prior to completing the course. Sponsors and shooters, please be responsible for yourself and your team. LOSCSI complies with all NSC rules and regulations on shell and shot sizes. (2-3/4, 7-1/2, 8 or 9 only., max of 3-1/4 drams equivalent, 1-1/8 oz shot). Additional course rules will be discussed at each safety briefing.


Gun actions will be open and shells must be removed while not shooting. Keep the muzzle pointed down or in the air while walking to each station. If a trapper has to make repairs on a thrower, open the action and remove the shells. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.

Gun Malfunctions

If your gun does not fire for any reason such as a misfire, safety on, not loaded, shell jam or other gun malfunction, the target or targets will be counted as LOST. In case of REPORT doubles, if no shot is fired at the first target, a second target will be thrown when the first target hits the ground. A shooter should use a backup gun or a team member’s gun to finish the station.


The scorekeeper will announce DEAD or LOST target(s) after each shot. A dead target is one that is broken by the shooter. A shooter may call for another pair. Neither target will count (nothing established) if the target is shot at and is either hit or missed by the shooter. All scores cards are to be verified and initialed by the scorekeeper prior to leaving each station.


Ties for both individuals and teams will be broken by the best score(s) at the most difficult (predetermined) station(s).

Our Mission

Proceeds fund oil-industry related scholarships at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The officers of the Lafayette Oilman's Sporting Clays Shoot, Inc. are proud to announce that this year's event was another success. Thank you to all sponsors, volunteers and participants for another successful year.

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